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The Grow Love Cultures Institute Values

5 key values guide everything we do: 


We accept that love is the most vital of relationship emotions. Therefore, we constantly check in to ensure that we are doing our work from love that is in our heart. 

Love helps you feel as if you can do anything.
Love helps you feel inspired
Love helps you to understand how to really care
Love helps you overcome fear

Love makes you hopeful and a believer in what’s possible.

Love makes you happy

Love makes you feel that you want to be the very best version of yourself

Love makes you feel rich, in ways that matter

Love makes you selfless

Love makes you want to connect with others

Love is a teacher

Love is a big motivator

Love is positive. It helps you to envision a future in a positive way.


Our actions are always benevolent and kind. We do this by...

Being friendly and supportive
Being conscious of how you can assist someone else, and even yourself.
Doing kind deeds to help others snd yourself.


Generosity is freely giving. We give in 2 ways:

  1. Giving of yourself – giving time, money, items of need to help out a neighbour, co-worker, customer, humanity, the planet. We ensure at all times that what we are giving will make the difference needed at the time.

  2. Giving to yourself – We also receive when we give. And we also need to recognise that we need to give generously to ourselves to remain healthy and strong and able to continue to be generous. This means we acknowledge and avoid generosity burnout. 

    Giving and receiving to yourself and others means that the giving is positive for both parties. Giving can be a wonderful experience for both the giver and the receiver. 

    So that involves developing intentional programs for giving to those in need, to the planet, but also to each other. It means giving the other person the space they need to grow themselves, to do their work in the best way they can. It means leaving control out of a relationship. It means serving those around us and being willing to also receive service from others.



We continue to cultivate and practice compassion every day. Compassionate acts are meaningful for both the giver and the receiver.

We do this by …

  1. Doing our best to recognise when others suffer.

  2. Offering ourselves to just be with someone as they suffer. To support them in their suffering. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. This may or may not help us to find some way that we might help.


The glue that holds it all together because the first 4 values are nothing without connection to someone or something. 

Connection always answers the questions about who, how, what, why in relation to everything we do through our love, kindness, generosity and compassion. 

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